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Welcome to Jayanth Matrimony – a traditional & the best matrimonial site to offer a scientific approach to finding a compatible life partner. Jayanthmatrimony.com, is one of the fastest growing matrimonial portal available to all Indians, regardless of religion, caste, background or wealth which is dedicated & aimed towards building successful matrimonial alliances and we will help you to ensure that your marriage is lasting and fulfilling.

Marriage is traditionally considered as a union between a man and woman for many reasons. It is said that “marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth”. The popular belief is true to many extent, because it is a special bond shared between two souls, who tie the wedding knot after promising to be companions for a lifetime. The key to successful marriage is love, understanding, mutual respect, trust, commitment and togetherness. It is the physical, mental and spiritual union of two souls.

“The choice of spouse is one of the most significant you’ll make in your life; it is more serious than choosing a house or anything,” says Brian Baker, a psychiatrist at the University of Toronto. “There is nothing like a good, solid marriage.” There are many good reasons to choose wisely and carefully when picking a spouse — not the least of which is that you’ll be spending an awful lot of time with them in both the near and distant future, together.

Marriage is not only a traditional ritual, but also an important Event in an individual’s life. Earlier, elders only were taking part in selecting the alliances & it was being carried out in their traditional ways. Since marriages were performed at very early age & youngsters were not mature enough. Hence elder’s decision was final & marriages were easier. But now time has changed. The choice of life partner has become extremely difficult. Now a days for various reasons, younger generation is giving importance to economic, stability, education, intelligence, etc., & hence the selection of the partner is not that easy. youth take an active role in choosing their life partner. Elders also play a role in the interest of the family.

So, to assist these persons we have started “Jayanth Matrimony”. At our Matrimony, we take care to find you a correct match by analysing each member’s personality and presenting you with a select group of compatible profiles. We are commited to helping the people to find their life partners. No longer do you need to rely on friends or family to find your Soulmates. Our profile search allows you to easily find potential partners that are local to you.

Our office is the direct contact point where you can seek assistance in your partner search and make payments. Soon users will get online payment facilities to Register too. We offer SMS services that will keeps you updated from Registration and then keeps updated you about your profile and having of finding any interests time to time accordingly, with your encouragement we continues to lead the exciting matrimony services.

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